Edge of Grief

Edge of Grief came about by researching into the raw feelings in the first few weeks of a major bereavement, where the pain of the loss is very intense. The torn edges of handmade paper evoke the raw feelings that makes one feel vulnerable and sore. Edge of Grief is in three parts, Edge of Grief I and II are linear pieces of about four or five small pieces of handmade paper torn to reveal the raw edges, on one monofilament attached to an aluminium strip, ranging from white to grey and grey to black. Edge of Grief III is a grid of four small pieces of torn handmade paper, added to a grid. The paper moves and flutters with the movement of people, bringing life and memory amongst grief and sadness.

Exhibited at the Royal College of Art, London and Shanghai International Paper Biennale, Feasts on Paper 2019, Shanghai.