The Water Babies Series


The Water Babies Series is a recent series of handmade paper developed over time, mindful of the repercussions of the pandemic, loss of humanity, loss of childhood, and the increasing movement of people inevitable through climate change, rising seas and pollution. Water is the inspiration for this series, and the paper forms come from the blues of the sea, or made from the residue of seaweed. Inspired by ‘The Water Babies’ by Charles Kingsley, who in the Victorian times wrote about young chimney sweeps, concerned about their short lives, in uncertain times of change in the Industrial Revolution. Globally we face changes in nature and climate and this series of work is influenced by change and uncertainty.

Water Babies Series 1, a large installation, the final piece consists of around 35 handmade paper babies, degradé, from white at the top to navy blue, with the analogy of disappearing into the water, exhibited at IBFA, International Biennial of Paper and Fibre Arts, Taiwan, 2024.

Water Babies Series 1 Test piece, not the final exhibit

Water Babies Series 1 Test, handmade paper
140cm x 80cm x 20cm

Water Babies Series 2

Water Babies Series 2, handmade paper
110cm x 80cm x 20cm and 80cm x 60cm x 20 cm