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  • The Water Babies Series

    The Water Babies Series is a recent series of handmade paper developed over time, mindful of the repercussions of the pandemic, loss of humanity, loss of childhood, and the increasing movement of people inevitable through climate change, rising seas and pollution. Water is the inspiration for this series, and the paper forms come from the…

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  • Using Threads

    Using threads in my work evokes the feeling of affect. This test piece allows me to experiment with red, silk thread and pleating for a series of outcomes that were exhibited in work in progress.

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  • Process


    Fragmentation: Maternal Mourning and Complicated Grief through the Materialities of Paper. The two least talked about deaths in England and Wales are death of a child and young (usually male) suicide. In these types of bereavement, complicated grief can subsume parents in a way like no other. Mourning can be a very difficult process especially…

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